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Educational And Cultural Services

Student services in the academic, year 2020- 2021


Out of 5,052 children studying of Bootrab, 488 are students and their status is as follows:

 Gender: 293 girls and 195 boys
 Residence: 281 urban children and 207 rural children
Course of study: 18 people in Ph.D. degree, 23 people in master's degree, 348 people in bachelor's degree, 64 people in associate degree and 35 people in seminary
Field of study: 236 people in humanities, 45 people in medical sciences, 118 people in technical and engineering fields, 36 people in basic sciences, 60 people in management and accounting


'Scholarship' is one of the educational services of Bootroab, and Ph.D. Students and other students with a final grade point average of 18 (0f 20) and above are considered ‘distinguished scholarship ‘and students with a grade point average of 16 to 18 are considered 'excellent scholarship’. In addition, students who are ranked in the fields of research, cultural or artistic and sports activities will be awarded 'scholarship' benefits based on the position they obtain.

The monthly payment of scholarship students depending on the type of scholarship (distinguished or excellent) and the study period (associate to Ph.D.) is 2,500,000 Rials to 6,000,000 Rials. Currently, 100 students have distinguished scholarships and 150 have excellent scholarships.

'Diligent student' is the title of another activity in the cultural field of the institute and refers to students who show significant growth during their studies or research, cultural, artistic or sports activities. These students are known as 'hardworking students' and there are rewards for this group of children.

Pupil Services in the academic year 2020-2021

Out of 5052 children studying of Bootorab, 4564 are pupils whose status is as follows:

• Gender: 2372 girls and 2192 boys

• Residence: 2362 urban children and 2202 rural children

• Course of study: 1780 primary school students, 1426 first secondary high school students, 1358 second secondary high school students

Checking the educational status is the first thing that is done for Bootorab's children; If they are out-of-school children or have dropped out of school, the reasons will be examined and necessary action will be done and thy will be returned to school.

Scholarships: Children in school are monitored. If they are at the forefront of cultural, literary, artistic, sporting, and Quranic fields, they are known as 'scholarship holders’, are paid a monthly in addition to the monthly allowance, which varies according to their degree, and rank in the competition. Currently, 846 high school pupils are eligible for scholarships and receive related benefits.

Hardworking: The growth of the child in the field of education or sports culture is considered in a period of one semester. Children who have a significant growth in half a year or a year are introduced as 'hardworking' and are rewarded with a financial reward (once a year).

Need attention: Children who experience stagnation or decline in the quality of activity and learning during the school year, are considered’ need attention’ and by counseling and consultation with school parents try to prevent harm to the child so that the child does not have to repeat or drop out school.

Virtual Classes: Pupils who are interested in a specific field also participate in virtual classes organized by the institute to demonstrate their abilities during a coherent and voluntary activity.



Donation of 20 bicycles, as one of the prizes of the athleticsrace by a sponsor
20 bicycles were bought and donated by a sponsor as one of the prizes of the athletics race.
Hardships will make us build better days in the future
We, the children of Bootorab, should not forget our sorrows, the sufferings we suffered, the hardships we endured, we should frame
them all in a
From the heart of deprivation to the height of honor
I faced many hardships in my life and these hardships and difficulties strengthened my spirit of effort and strengthened my will. I used the difficult
"The most important factor of my success in my entrance exam was "me
Success does not have a special formula and does not happen all at once. Success means having a goal, trying. As soon as you are on the path to
Walking in the goal path is a kind of success
You have to learn how to make your world of beauty and childhood bigger and bigger so that your experiences can be seen side by
side so that there
Payment of stationery supplies for 4231 students of Bootorab
Bootorab's vice chancellor of cultural studies announced the payment of the aid for the purchase of stationery for 4231 students of
A conversation with Saman, the successful son of Bootorab, who was ranked 294th in the national exam in the field of English
People become stars in limitations, and this year I saw the children of Bootorab who became stars in addition to limitations in
deprivation, so
I would like to reach the national level of athletics competitions and I will try as much as I can to achieve this goal
Among the achievements of the Festival was the discovery of hidden talents and the growth of the abilities of Bootorab's children in the field of
I want to reach each of my goals by going through all the hardships and difficulties of life and in this way, I will be a
.We have contacted one of the winners of the Festival who won the first place in the age group of 12 to 16 years
Celebrating   students with the ranks below 1000 in the national exam at the opening ceremony of Bootorab cultural and
At the opening ceremony of Bootorab's cultural and educational complex, gifted and capable children of Bootorab who managed to
get a rank below 1000
The beginning of the countdown to the opening of the large educational, cultural, training and sports complex of Bootorab
Bootorab educational, cultural, and training and sports complex will be opened on 10 September with the presence of seyeed Nasser Mohammad Seyedi, the
The visit and honoring of the Deputy Governor of Kermanshah to the services of Al-Emar Dental Group
The deputy governor and president of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences along with a large number of faculty members of
the province's
Providing services to Al-Emar group in the implementation of the health ambassador project in Kermanshah
Al-Emar Medical Group was sent to Kermanshah province in order to provide health and treatment services to the families
supported by Bootorab.
Holding athletics competitions for children under the protection of orphan charities
The first competition in swimming and athletics for children will be held under the support of orphan charities across the country
hosted by Holy
Conversation with Mrs. Zahra Serafrazi, one of Bootorab's constant supporters
How beautiful is the world whose people can't bear to see sad looks. Those who, with the kindness of their hearts, create the lasting story of
The success of 6 Bootorab children in obtaining two-digit and three-digit ranks in the national entrance exam
6 of Bootorab's talented children managed to rank below 1000 in the national exam.
Obtaining the 93rd rank in the national entrance exam by one of the proud children of Etrat Bootorab Institution
A conversation with one of the successful children of Etrat Bootorab Institution who was ranked 93rd in this year's national exam.
The brilliance of Bootorab's children in the national entrance exam of 1401
The Bootorab’s child succeeded in getting the two digit rank in this year's national entrance exam.
10 free hearing aids are gifted to Bootorab's children
"Nada Hearing Aid Ashna Company", one of the sponsors of Bootorab Institution, announced its readiness to give 10 free hearing
aids to the
Reaching three talented sports children of Bootorab Institution to the country's athletics Olympiad
Three of the talented children of Etrat Bootorab institution, selected by ranking in the provincial athletics Olympiad of West Azarbaijan
Spiritual father visited the children of Bootorab in Khoi
.The founder of Atrat Bootorab Institution visited two families covered by Bootorab Institution in Khoi city
The presence of 5 players of the athleticsnational team with the flag of Etrat Bootorab institution  In the
Five runners of the national runnung team participated in the half-marathon section in the first stage of the 26th athletics competition of the
Holding the first session of computer training classes and "network principles and basics" training class for Bootorab's
In order to the implementation of the "Rashad" cultural project, the first session of the "Network Basics and Principles" training
course and
Interview with one of Bootorab's successful children, who is a supporter of two orphan children
As one of the children under the support of Bootorab Institution, from the first days of knowing the glory of the institution's
kindness, I made
Distribution of 18 sheep as a gift from Seyyed Nasser Mohammad Seyedi, the founder of Bootorab Institution
On Eid al-Adha, 18 sheep heads were prepared by Seyyed Nasser Mohammad Seyedi, the founder of Bootorab Institution, and
distributed to families
Conducting children's preparation exercises for the athletics race in Khoi city under the supervision of the national team
Preparation exercises for Bootorab's children to participate in athleticsrace competitions for 500 Bootorab's children, were held
under the guidance
The presence of the members of the athleticsnational team in the preparation exercises of the children of Bootorab Khoi.
Preparation exercises for the athleticscompetition for Bootorab's children will be held at the same time as the preparation camp of
the national
Preparing and donating sports shoes for volunteers to participate in the athleticsrace
Bootorab Institution prepared and donated sports shoes for the children participating in athleticscompetition for 500 children
covered by Bootorab.
Conducting children's preparation exercises for two athleticsraces in Khoi city
The training and preparation of Bootorab's children for the athleticsathleticscompetition was held in Khoi city.
Holding a training course for new social workers at the head office of Bootorab Institution
The first training course for new social workers was held at the headquarters of Bootorab Institution.
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