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Educational And Cultural Services

Student services in the academic, year 2020- 2021


Out of 5,052 children studying of Bootrab, 488 are students and their status is as follows:

 Gender: 293 girls and 195 boys
 Residence: 281 urban children and 207 rural children
Course of study: 18 people in Ph.D. degree, 23 people in master's degree, 348 people in bachelor's degree, 64 people in associate degree and 35 people in seminary
Field of study: 236 people in humanities, 45 people in medical sciences, 118 people in technical and engineering fields, 36 people in basic sciences, 60 people in management and accounting


'Scholarship' is one of the educational services of Bootroab, and Ph.D. Students and other students with a final grade point average of 18 (0f 20) and above are considered ‘distinguished scholarship ‘and students with a grade point average of 16 to 18 are considered 'excellent scholarship’. In addition, students who are ranked in the fields of research, cultural or artistic and sports activities will be awarded 'scholarship' benefits based on the position they obtain.

The monthly payment of scholarship students depending on the type of scholarship (distinguished or excellent) and the study period (associate to Ph.D.) is 2,500,000 Rials to 6,000,000 Rials. Currently, 100 students have distinguished scholarships and 150 have excellent scholarships.

'Diligent student' is the title of another activity in the cultural field of the institute and refers to students who show significant growth during their studies or research, cultural, artistic or sports activities. These students are known as 'hardworking students' and there are rewards for this group of children.

Pupil Services in the academic year 2020-2021

Out of 5052 children studying of Bootorab, 4564 are pupils whose status is as follows:

• Gender: 2372 girls and 2192 boys

• Residence: 2362 urban children and 2202 rural children

• Course of study: 1780 primary school students, 1426 first secondary high school students, 1358 second secondary high school students

Checking the educational status is the first thing that is done for Bootorab's children; If they are out-of-school children or have dropped out of school, the reasons will be examined and necessary action will be done and thy will be returned to school.

Scholarships: Children in school are monitored. If they are at the forefront of cultural, literary, artistic, sporting, and Quranic fields, they are known as 'scholarship holders’, are paid a monthly in addition to the monthly allowance, which varies according to their degree, and rank in the competition. Currently, 846 high school pupils are eligible for scholarships and receive related benefits.

Hardworking: The growth of the child in the field of education or sports culture is considered in a period of one semester. Children who have a significant growth in half a year or a year are introduced as 'hardworking' and are rewarded with a financial reward (once a year).

Need attention: Children who experience stagnation or decline in the quality of activity and learning during the school year, are considered’ need attention’ and by counseling and consultation with school parents try to prevent harm to the child so that the child does not have to repeat or drop out school.

Virtual Classes: Pupils who are interested in a specific field also participate in virtual classes organized by the institute to demonstrate their abilities during a coherent and voluntary activity.



Unveiling a exquisite Quran at the Bootorab institution Booth
An exquisite Quran volume is unveiled at the booth 'Crafts Artist of Bootorab institution’ with the presence of one of the senior officials in the
Entering Etrat Bootorab Institution in to the Employment topic and job Requirements\Payment of Grants to 190 Clients in Ilam
The representative of the Bootorab Institution in Ilam Province announced the creation of more than 190 employment plans for the needy families in the
Distribution of 52 baskets for children under the age of 5 in Khoy city
At the same time as Eid al -Ghadir, with the implementation of the ‘prevention of Nutrition Project, children under the age of 5, 52 baskets were
708 shopping cards were distributed in Chaharmahal o Bakhtiari province
708 shopping cards worth 5 million Rials each were distributed among the families of Etrat Bootrab institution in Chaharmahal o Bakhtiari Province.
Employment in the formal work of one of Bootorab's children
one of the daughters of the Bootorab Institution was hired at the Ministry of Health of Hormozgan Province.
Hand in hand to help each other
The debt of one of the Bootorab families was resolved
two flats and 31  tablets and laptops and 20 sewing machines donated to Bootorab children in Hormozgan
The ceremony was held in Hormozgan Province, 25 tablets, 6 laptops, 20 sewing machines and two flats were donated.
Donation of food basket for children under the age of six Kermanshah province
In order to implement the malnutrition plan for children under the age of six, the food basket was prepared in Kermanshah province and distributed to
Distribution of 6,000 high quality masks between the country's medical community
6,000 FFP2\/N95 masks were purchased by world standards and entered the country and distributed among the five universities of medical sciences in the
The 7th special issue of 'Tiam', the Internal Magazine for the Children of Bootorab, has been published
The seventh special issue of Nowruz Tiam, the cultural gift of the children, was published and distributed by the Bootorab Institution Institution.
Donation of gifts to 4500 devoted mothers;
On the Eid Nowruz 1401, 4500 gifts were sent to devoted mothers of Bootorab Institution and distributed in 7 provinces.
Celebration of Bootorab's children birthday in Kermanshah
on the commemoration of the birth of Ali Akbar (AS) and the young day of the birthday, a number of Bootorab children were celebrated in Kermanshah
Charging coupons of Tejarat Bank
In order to donate cash basket, coupons were charged for the second time.
Bootorab's devoted mothers' gift
On the eve of Eid Nowruz, 4294 gifts were sent and distributed between 4294 devoted mother and hero in 6 provinces under the cover of Bootorab.
The heroes are born out of trouble
In the last days of the year 1400 the Institution hosts a dear national and world champion who considers the love of Bootorab's beloved children to
The 'Amir Kalam' competition awards were given
The cash prizes of the winners of the Amir Kalam competition were awarded to 110 Bootorab children.
The ‘great borrowing' statue was awarded to the Bootorab Institution
At the National Conference ,great borrowing, the statue was donated to the Bootorab Institution.
The names of the winners of the 'Amir Kalam' competition were announced
The names of the winner of the 'Amir Kalam' competition were announced among 1014 participants.
Signing of an agreement of editing  the Bootorab  social worker articles of association
The agreement of editing the Social work of articles of association of Bootorab Institution' was exchanged between the head of the Iranian Society
Donation of cash baskets to Bootorab families
In order to donate the basket, shopping cards were distributed to the families of the Bootorab Institution and charged for 5 million Rials.
Booth Bootorab Capabilities of artist women' at the 15th International Exhibition of Tourism and Related Industries
The 'Crafts Capacity of Women's Crafts Artist Etrat Bootorab Institution' will begin its activities on Saturday at the 15th International Exhibition
The reward of the Bootorab's hard working children was paid
The annual reward of 876 hardworking children of the Bootorab institution was given to them.
Appreciation of the 576 supporter of Bootorab's children
the 576 supporters of the Etrat Bootorab institution was honored and appreciated by Bootorab managers
Bootorab pupils Services
out Of the 5052 children studying in Bootorab, 4564 are pupils who use different educational services.
Bootorab Artist Crafts Capabilities at the 15th International Tourism Exhibition
The director of the Bootorab Institution Institution announced the presence of powerful mothers of the Bootorab Institution at the 15th Tehran
Dowry donation 5 brides in Khoy city
5 brides of Bootorab went home with donation dowries
distribution of happiness in Ilam
At the same time as Yalda Night, 110 Yalda and food packages were donated to Bootorab families in Ilam province
distribution of happiness in West Azerbaijan
Yalda packages were donated to the families of 7 cities in West Azerbaijan Province
Distribution of happiness in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari
At the same time as Yalda Night, 110 Yalda package and 130 food presses were donated to Bootorab families in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province.
Distribution of happiness in  Kermanshah
The Yalda Night Ceremony was held for a number of Bootorab families in Kermanshah with the help of the benefactors .
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