/ Who We Are / Vision


Etrat Bootorab charity institute in 5 years would be a charity institute with these features:

1. Providing standard services as the top charity institute in the country
2. Getting over 1,000 of the orphans into the best colleges across the country
3. Getting a scholarship for 4,000 of the orphans
4. Adhering 2,000 volunteer instructors to keep track of the orphans cultural and educational progress
5. Getting 50 of the best orphans for the post-graduate position in the best universities
6. Constructing and providing 1,000 apartments for the families under our support with the help of the government and Emdad Relief
7. Development of skills training and creation of sustainable employment for mothers and orphans supported by the institute
8. Enabling and empowering 1,000 members of our community