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Considering the very important and effective role of place to live in the peace and security of families and its functioning, providing a place to live for families is one of the important priorities of the institution and an effort is made to for families to own a house every year. The institute has done important activities in the past few years to provide a place to live for the supported families.

House for families is provided according to their conditions in one of the following ways:

1. Purchasing small and considering family’s conditions across the country with the help of the National Relief foundation and the family’s income.
2. Building a construction for families who have land but cannot build it
3. Participation in buying land and building residential units
4. Perform housing repairs
5. Reconstruction houses that need reconstruction
6. Temporary rental housing for families who have not been provided a house

 Housing services since the establishment:

1. Construction and purchase of 524 units

2. Repairs: 60 units

3.  Paying house repair loan: 73 items

4. Paying rent and deferred installment of the house: 44 items

5. Participation in the construction of 113 housing units for flood victims from the orphan families

The project of construction of 757 housing units for homeless orphan families

 The participation of the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation (RA) and the PBO (Plan and Budget Organization of IRI) and the Etrat Bootorab Charity institute has been concluded at the end of 2017. According to the memorandum, the financial resources required for the project are gratuitously that one-third of which will come from government grants, one-third from the relief foundation and one-third from the Bootorab Institute.

Until September 2021:

393 residential units have been constructed and given to Bootorab families in the mentioned plan. Unfortunately, due to the unreasonable increase in land prices in all parts of the country, 364 families do not have personal land and have not been able to provide the necessary assistance and support to purchase a housing unit.

Future plans for construction and purchasing houses:

Etrat Bootorab Charity institute intends to use the existing opportunities in partnership with the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution and the Imam Khomeini Relief foundation to purchase small units for the rest of the families it covers.

Although due to the increase in the price of materials and construction costs and finally the increase in the price of apartments in the whole country, this will face many problems, but relying on the special attention of the transcendent burden, will lead this important.


18 residential units are donated to Bootorab families in Kohgilivier Boyir Ahmad province
The family covered by the Bootorab Institution in Kohgiluyeh Bavir Ahmad will soon be the owner of the home.
In cooperation with the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation, 105 rural lands are provided for Bootorab families
In cooperation with the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation, the required lands are required for housing.
The reports from Bootorab families affected by earthquake in Kermanshah
The reports of the group sent by Etrat Bootorab charity to the earthquake affected areas of Kermanshah to examine the housing problems of those
The best Memory of Eid al-Fitr
At the time Of Eid al-Fitr, a new house covered by the charity of BCI was purchased concurrently for some family.
New Year at the New home for the children of BCI
The three families of BCI celebrate the New Year in their new home.
8 families are going to have homes
With corporation of Bootorab Charity, 8 houses are ready to be given to the families that do not have appropriate houses.
You saved our life and made our future!
Zahra and her family finally could have their own flat blessing BCI charities.