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Success Stories

In order to achieve its goals and to find talent and develop the talents of the children under its support, Etrat Bootorab Institution has implemented various cultural-educational services and plans, including academic and merit scholarships and the "Reshad" cultural plan.

A large number of gifted children of Bootorab have obtained excellent degrees in cultural, academic, Quranic, sports, artistic and literary fields by using these services. Also, as part of the implementation of the "Reshad" cultural project, a large number of children's literary talents were identified and their works were collected and published in the form of "Afarinsh 1 and 2" collections. We are happy to announce that the results of these services have exposed and we are witnessing the growing flourishing of the talents of Bootorab's children.

جلد آفرینش ۱
جلد آفرینش ۲

Here is an opportunity to introduce Bootorab's successful children. We are proud of the remarkable successes of Bootorab's talented and capable future makers. This page introduce the proud children of Bootorab Institution and talks about the difficult path to achieve success and the proud passage through difficulties and obstacles. Children who have proven that prosperity is not a factor of success and that you can boldly light a bright light for the future from the heart of problems.

On this page, conversations with devoted and capable mothers of Bootorab who have valuable and worthy activities in various fields of work, art, etc.