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We strongly believe that instead of improving the conditions of orphanages, it is far better to improve the overall living conditions of orphans. These children need to be treated like their own children and grow up in a real warm and safe household. This way, they would not feel that deprived of their parents.
In some verses, the Holy Qur'an has commanded and emphasized the necessity of empathy, love, and kindness toward the orphans and has considered many rewards for people with such benevolence. It is not necessary to say that, he blames any sort of cruelty and mistreatment with the orphans and indeed has considered it as an unforgivable and reprehensible sin.

Etrat Bootorab charity institute institute supports dear orphans in some deprived provinces of the country, including West Azerbaijan, Ilam, Chaharmahal, and Bakhtiari, Kermanshah, Kohgiluyeh, and Boyer-Ahmad and Hormozgan. That is because we believe that these children can benefit from growing up and getting educated in their own native and local culture.

The selection of provinces is based on if they are border provinces and of course the scale of their deprivation of facilities or the needs of that region. Sixty percent of the targeted population lives in rural areas, and the children and families supported by the charity institute institute, are selected based on the reports provided by the social workers collaborating with the Relief foundation.

West Azerbaijan         Ilam           Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari       Kermanshah          Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad           Hormozgan