/ Who We Are / History and Goals


Mr. Seyed Naser Mohammad Seyedi has been actively involved in charity institute projects in various fields for years on an international scale. Along with great projects in religious and cultural fields, he has supported plans for constructing healthcare clinics across the country. Given his knowledge and experience in this field, he felt the need to establish a charity institute organization in Khoy. Therefore, Mr. Seyed Naser Mohammad Seyedi along with, Shahcheraqi, Shakuri, Dr. Muhamad Ali Hadi, and the deceased Reza Nayeri founded this organization in 2013.
Then, the charity institute expanded its services in West Azerbaijan province, and due to the necessity and responsibility towards other orphans in need in the country, the charity institute expanded its services to the deprived provinces of Kohgiluyeh, Boyer-Ahmad, Kermanshah, Ilam and Chaharmahal, and Bakhtiari and increased the number of orphans under its support to 7,000.
To create the possibility of accurate planning and the possibility to benefit from the capabilities of human resources and expertise in Tehran, the head office of the charity institute were moved from Khoy to Tehran and its activity license No. 163107 dated 2017/02/21 was acquired from the Ministry of Interior as a national institute.
Considering the religious duty and the urgent need to support the orphans living in Karbala, the charity institute is planning to obtain a license and establish a representative office in Karbala. To expand its services to orphans in that holy city. It is worth mentioning that our organization previously has had a number of orphans transferred to Tehran for different medical treatments and later returned to their hometown after full recovery.
In 2018, considering the need to support orphans in deprived areas of Hormozgan province, 500 orphans in this province had been included in our supporting program and since they are being supported by our charity institute.
Currently, the charity institute supports 7,500 orphans and 4,300 mothers in the 6 mentioned provinces, and the representative offices of the charity institute have already been founded in the mentioned provinces and are providing various services and commodities for the dear orphans and their mothers.


In general, our goals would be:

1- Providing basic needs and solving various holdups and problems of orphans and their families so that they would be able to live a decent life. Thus, they would be able to grow and improve their skills, abilities, and talents to achieve self-sufficiency and independence by using the provided facilities.

2- We should be able to benefit from the potentials and accessible facilities of people and other charities. We would be able to do so by inviting them to participate in our various programs including educational, social, cultural, health care, advertisement plans, and even and lending loans to orphans under the framework of laws and regulations.


The methodology for applying these goals would be:

1- Helping the orphans and their families by providing them with basic living expenses, and a suitable housing
2- Assisting the orphans and their families with health care treatment and expenses
3- Helping the religious, cultural, and moral growth of these children
4- Contributing to the educational growth and nurturing of different talents of orphans in order to obtain higher education degrees
5- Assistance in providing special education services such as scholarships, payment of tuition fees, and extracurricular classes for elite orphans after obtaining permission from the competent authorities
6- Helping to provide educational, cultural, family-wise assistance and life skills training services for orphan children
7- Helping to provide technical and vocational skills training for orphans and families and thus helping them to develop a career
8- Helping to finance their marriage and preparing dowry for the girl