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HealthCare and Treatment

Due to the importance of health status and prevention of complications of diseases and quality of life, taking preventive health measures and paying for the treatment of patients are among the continuous services of the institute.


The visit and honoring of the Deputy Governor of Kermanshah to the services of Al-Emar Dental Group
The deputy governor and president of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences along with a large number of faculty members of
the province's
Providing services to Al-Emar group in the implementation of the health ambassador project in Kermanshah
Al-Emar Medical Group was sent to Kermanshah province in order to provide health and treatment services to the families
supported by Bootorab.
10 free hearing aids are gifted to Bootorab's children
"Nada Hearing Aid Ashna Company", one of the sponsors of Bootorab Institution, announced its readiness to give 10 free hearing
aids to the
The founder of Bootorab was appreciated by the medical staff of Ayatollah Khoi Hospital
The founder of Etrat Bootorab institution was honored by the medical staff of Ayatollah Khoi Hospital in Khoi city.
Distribution of 6,000 high quality masks between the country's medical community
6,000 FFP2\/N95 masks were purchased by world standards and entered the country and distributed among the five universities of medical sciences in the
Neda hearing aid  Ashna Company in Bootorab Medical Supporters
Neda hearing aid Ashna Company joined the supporters of the Bootorab Institution.
Donation of 25 refrigerators to Ayatollah Khoi Hospital
Following the support of the Institution founder of Bootorab for the medical community and the health field during the Corona , 25 refrigerators
Sending a massager device to the sick child of  Bootorab
A massager device was provided for a child with congenital paralysis in Kohgiluyeh Boyer Ahmad province by an institution supporter of the Bootorab
Providing special services for families  who are in difficulty
With the decision of the founder of Bootorab, special and urgent services are provided to families in difficultyo
Send a pharynx suction device for the sick child of Bootorab
A suction machine and 500 catheters for a child with congenital paralysis were provided by an institution supporter of the Bootorab Institution.
Gift of Health to 13 Bootorab children
In the first six months of this year, 13 children covered by the Bootorab Institution benefited from medical services.
Picture Report of Founding Actions against  Corona Virus
See a picture of the founder's actions against the Corona virus.
A winter that brought health
This winter brought for little Aydin, not only his birthday, but also his health.
Afsaneh got her health back by support of BCI
The 17 years old Ilami school girl could got back her health by the helps and supports of BCI and its chairman.