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Employment and Empowerment

Vocational training, skill empowerment, employment and self-reliance

Having a job, profession and source of income is one of the most essential needs of every human being to survive and manage his life and that of his family. Choosing a job for orphan mothers is more important than others for many reasons. However, choosing a job for them depends on their talents, interests and abilities.

Etrat Bootorab Institute has made skill empowerment one of the priorities of its programs. To succeed in this program, first, their age, education, talent and interest characteristics are examined and evaluated, and to empower them, skills training appropriate to each person's interest is determined by job counseling but by their own choice.

To prevent wastage of mothers' efforts, the institute organizes skill-training courses and coordinates with training centers.

In 2021, the following skill training courses are held for mothers applying for employment and without skills:
1-Sewing    2-Lapidary 3-Carpet weaving and carpet tableau   4-Leather embroidery  5-Floriculture and growing plants    6-other household chores and handicrafts

Self-employment and Entrepreneurship Program

It is implemented in two formats for the target community:
A. Individual self-employment            B. Collective self-employment (workshop)

A. Individual self-employment is implemented for the following people:
• A group of mothers and children of Bootorab who have been provided with job counseling, are interested in implementing a self-employment plan on their own, based on their interests, talents, abilities and accommodation’s abilities.

 Special privileges

• Provide the required skills training (if needed) in coordination with the provincial relief foundation
• Payment of self-employment loan in the form of interest free- loan up to 500 million Rials
• In this year, for small and high-yield businesses, including home-based businesses and handicrafts, 500 mothers under cover up to 60 million Rials to implement the desired projects, in the form of purchasing equipment and supplies for work and activities, gratuitously for the implementation of the plan will be assisted

B. Collective self-employment (workshop) is performed for the following people:
• Those mothers and children of Bootorab Institute who are interested in collective employment and workshops

Special privileges:
• Providing job counseling according to their interest in the desired job field
• Provide skills and empowerment training
• Consider a career leader (entrepreneur) who will be responsible for the implementation of the skill training phase of clients and the production and sale of manufactured products.

Note: According to the agreement with the economic and commercial field of the Imam Khomeini Relief foundation, it is stipulated to buy the products of the entrepreneurs with current price, especially carpets, kilims and carpets, which families cannot sell them.
In addition, arrangements have been made for the producers of the target community to be able to advertise and sell their products by creating a page in cyberspace of their products. The provincial managers of the institute are responsible for this in the provinces.

Career Internship Program

It is performed for the following people in order to gain experience, create grounds, and prepare for employment, especially recruitment and employment in the environment of employers or self-employment and entrepreneurship:
University graduated children
Children with diploma and without high school diploma

Special privileges:
Monthly payment of 3 million Rials for those with a diploma and below and 4 million Rials to children with a university degree after being introduced to an employer in the field related to the degree for 6 months

Accident insurance payment for 6 months

Note: The employer is identified and introduced by the representatives of the institution in the province or by the children of the target community.

Karun System Program


Karun system is for employers and business owners to attract and employ the target community, especially the children of the institute, in which the eligible names are registered.

Employers can refer to this system, select the work force based on their age, education, skills and location and apply for a cooperation agreement with the institution agency in the province.


Representative offices of the institute in the provinces

Narges Tailoring Training and Production Support Workshop


Entering Etrat Bootorab Institution in to the Employment topic and job Requirements\Payment of Grants to 190 Clients in Ilam
The representative of the Bootorab Institution in Ilam Province announced the creation of more than 190 employment plans for the needy families in the
Employment in the formal work of one of Bootorab's children
one of the daughters of the Bootorab Institution was hired at the Ministry of Health of Hormozgan Province.
The ‘great borrowing' statue was awarded to the Bootorab Institution
At the National Conference ,great borrowing, the statue was donated to the Bootorab Institution.
The start of the spinning training course with the machine in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Province
The spinning training course began with a machine for mothers Etrat Bootorab Institution in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Province.
A new movement with the self -sufficiency of the target community in the form of supportive employment
500 grants are granted to create home business for 500 Bootorab mothers.
In collaboration with the Technical Organization, providing new services for Bootorab families' employment
The children and mothers of Bootorab Institution benefit from the services of the West Azerbaijan Province Technical Organization.