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Life allowance

Monthly allowance


In order to help and provide for the essential needs of children in a way that provides the necessary minimum for their lives, a monthly allowance (eight hundred thousand Rials) is deposited in an account opened in the name of children in the bank, from which the right to withdraw is with the child.


Providing a basket of essential goods

In order to help families to celebrate the joyful Nowruz and according to the custom of the society, every year in March, a sufficient basket of essential food, sweets, clothes and health and cultural items is prepared and given to them at home.


Distribution of 52 baskets for children under the age of 5 in Khoy city
At the same time as Eid al -Ghadir, with the implementation of the ‘prevention of Nutrition Project, children under the age of 5, 52 baskets were
708 shopping cards were distributed in Chaharmahal o Bakhtiari province
708 shopping cards worth 5 million Rials each were distributed among the families of Etrat Bootrab institution in Chaharmahal o Bakhtiari Province.
Hand in hand to help each other
The debt of one of the Bootorab families was resolved
Donation of food basket for children under the age of six Kermanshah province
In order to implement the malnutrition plan for children under the age of six, the food basket was prepared in Kermanshah province and distributed to
Donation of gifts to 4500 devoted mothers;
On the Eid Nowruz 1401, 4500 gifts were sent to devoted mothers of Bootorab Institution and distributed in 7 provinces.
Charging coupons of Tejarat Bank
In order to donate cash basket, coupons were charged for the second time.
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