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For Dear Sponsors: Conditions of Adoption of Orphans Covered by Bootorab Charity

Thank you very much for choosing Etrat Bootorab Charity Institute to do your charity activities.

Please read the following points before completing the orphan adoption form.

1. What is the first step to adopt an orphan?

- Please complete “I will be a sponsor" form so that the concerned experts can contact you to follow up.

2. Based on what criteria can I choose a child?

- You can choose one or more children for adoption based on your desired criteria, including age, gender, name, area of residence, living conditions, educational and house status, etc. Otherwise, Bootorab experts will introduce you the most essential items.

3. How many children can I adopt?
- There is no limit.

4. Can I make a phone call or visit a child?
- Etrat Bootorab Charity institute considers itself obliged to keep the secrets of the families as well as to create and maintain the peace of the dear sponsors, the contact number and address of the child's residence will not be provided to the sponsor.
If you wish to communicate with the sponsored child, the sponsor can be present at the head office of the institute and make a phone call with the child by the concerned expert and the sponsor can talk to him/her.

5. What are the financial conditions?
- To adopt a child, at least 30$ monthly is required. You can increase this amount if you wish.

6. To what account is the monthly support deposited?
- You can deposit your donations to the account of Etrat Bootorab Charity institute to be deposited in his account along with other donations.
Otherwise, you can deposit your donations directly into the child's personal account

7. What should I do after deposition?
- All you have to do is send the image of your deposit document to the concerned expert to be saved in the child's financial file, or you can join the WhatsApp or Telegram group of "Bootorab sponsors" and send the image to the group. (Sending a deposit receipt is required)

8. How can I send non-cash gifts?
- If you want to send gifts to your child on different occasions such as Nowruz, birthday, etc., you can send the gifts to the head office of the institute in Tehran or to the representative of the institute in the concerned province and they will give the goods and presents to the child.
You can also deposit the desired amount for the purchase of goods to the account of the representative of the institution in the province so that the desired goods can be provided and delivered to the child according to your request. Necessary documents will be sent to you after the delivery of the work.