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Mission Statement


Etrat Bootorab Charity institute is based on religious and moral teachings and with a humanitarian perspective, has a high motivation to serve the fellow creature of the same kind. It has made the support of orphans, a religious and humanitarian duty at the national and international levels in the fields of livelihood, education and culture, housing, treatment,, providing dowry, employment and empowerment.

The founders made a pact, using the latest and most efficient methods and the latest achievements of modern knowledge, to do everything in their power to support the orphans covered with the best necessary conditions and facilities and special attention.

Also, all the living, cultural and educational needs of children are fully and comprehensively met so that their talents and abilities flourish and achieve high scientific and moral degrees, and in the future, as committed, wise and cultured human beings, play a constructive role in helping all needy people be effective. In this difficult path, we need the good prayers of the believers and the help of the intellectuals and thinkers of the society.

The Etrat Bootorab Charity institute not only supports orphans but also seeks to spread this precious idea at the community level. Transparency, accountability and appreciation are among the most valuable values of this institute.