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Unveiling a exquisite Quran at the Bootorab institution Booth
An exquisite Quran volume is unveiled at the booth 'Crafts Artist of Bootorab institution’ with the presence of one of the senior officials in the country
The representative of the Bootorab Institution in Ilam Province announced the creation of more than 190 employment plans...
At the same time as Eid al -Ghadir, with the implementation of the ‘prevention of Nutrition Project, children under the...
708 shopping cards worth 5 million Rials each were distributed among the families of Etrat Bootrab institution in...

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Helping the children of our land together
1- Helping the needy in the form of assistance
2- Scholarships for elite needy
3. Lending a loan
4- Performing activities for the development of Islamic culture, including holding religious ceremonies, publishing and publishing religious cultural material in the media, and assisting religious councils and associations....


A word from the supporters
A word from the supporters
Butrab Ambassador of kindness, Mohammad Reza Taleghani, former President of the Wrestling Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran: