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Donation of 20 bicycles, as one of the prizes of the athleticsrace by a sponsor
20 bicycles were bought and donated by a sponsor as one of the prizes of the athletics race.
We, the children of Bootorab, should not forget our sorrows, the sufferings we suffered, the hardships we endured, we...
I faced many hardships in my life and these hardships and difficulties strengthened my spirit of effort and strengthened...
Success does not have a special formula and does not happen all at once. Success means having a goal, trying. As soon as...

Give a gift. Change a life.

Let's create happiness together

I help too
Helping the children of our land together
1- Helping the needy in the form of assistance
2- Scholarships for elite needy
3. Lending a loan
4- Performing activities for the development of Islamic culture, including holding religious ceremonies, publishing and publishing religious cultural material in the media, and assisting religious councils and associations....


A word from the supporters
A word from the supporters
Butrab Ambassador of kindness, Mohammad Reza Taleghani, former President of the Wrestling Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran: