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Payment of stationery supplies for 4231 students of Bootorab
Bootorab's vice chancellor of cultural studies announced the payment of the aid for the purchase of stationery for 4231 students of
14 September 2022 - 9:27
Celebrating   students with the ranks below 1000 in the national exam at the opening ceremony of Bootorab cultural and
At the opening ceremony of Bootorab's cultural and educational complex, gifted and capable children of Bootorab who managed to
get a rank below 1000
4 September 2022 - 9:30
The beginning of the countdown to the opening of the large educational, cultural, training and sports complex of Bootorab
Bootorab educational, cultural, and training and sports complex will be opened on 10 September with the presence of seyeed Nasser Mohammad Seyedi, the
31 August 2022 - 9:33
The success of 6 Bootorab children in obtaining two-digit and three-digit ranks in the national entrance exam
6 of Bootorab's talented children managed to rank below 1000 in the national exam.
17 August 2022 - 9:36
The brilliance of Bootorab's children in the national entrance exam of 1401
The Bootorab’s child succeeded in getting the two digit rank in this year's national entrance exam.
3 August 2022 - 9:37
Holding the first session of computer training classes and "network principles and basics" training class for Bootorab's
In order to the implementation of the "Rashad" cultural project, the first session of the "Network Basics and Principles" training
course and
12 July 2022 - 9:41
Unveiling a exquisite Quran at the Bootorab institution Booth
An exquisite Quran volume is unveiled at the booth 'Crafts Artist of Bootorab institution’ with the presence of one of the senior officials in the
15 June 2022 - 15:56
110% increase in the number of Bootorab scholarship recipients
in continuation of educational support and services and improvement of educational facilities, the number of scholarship holders of
6 June 2022 - 9:14
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