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Unveiling a exquisite Quran at the Bootorab institution Booth
An exquisite Quran volume is unveiled at the booth 'Crafts Artist of Bootorab institution’ with the presence of one of the senior officials in the
15 June 2022 - 15:56
two flats and 31  tablets and laptops and 20 sewing machines donated to Bootorab children in Hormozgan
The ceremony was held in Hormozgan Province, 25 tablets, 6 laptops, 20 sewing machines and two flats were donated.
27 April 2022 - 17:07
The 7th special issue of 'Tiam', the Internal Magazine for the Children of Bootorab, has been published
The seventh special issue of Nowruz Tiam, the cultural gift of the children, was published and distributed by the Bootorab Institution Institution.
20 April 2022 - 23:06
Celebration of Bootorab's children birthday in Kermanshah
on the commemoration of the birth of Ali Akbar (AS) and the young day of the birthday, a number of Bootorab children were celebrated in Kermanshah
13 April 2022 - 23:03
The heroes are born out of trouble
In the last days of the year 1400 the Institution hosts a dear national and world champion who considers the love of Bootorab's beloved children to
15 March 2022 - 11:30
The 'Amir Kalam' competition awards were given
The cash prizes of the winners of the Amir Kalam competition were awarded to 110 Bootorab children.
12 March 2022 - 11:15
The names of the winners of the 'Amir Kalam' competition were announced
The names of the winner of the 'Amir Kalam' competition were announced among 1014 participants.
7 March 2022 - 11:11
Signing of an agreement of editing  the Bootorab  social worker articles of association
The agreement of editing the Social work of articles of association of Bootorab Institution' was exchanged between the head of the Iranian Society
6 March 2022 - 11:02
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