MOTHER, a word to be recognized again

MOTHER, a word to be recognized again
I see her name on the list of children who have no father but they have a strong support in life called "mother".

PR. of Bootorab Charity,

A few days ago, one of my colleagues had prepared a list of children whose parents were gone. All children supported by Bootorab charity suffer of not having a father in their life, but there are those who are more upset because they don’t have mother neither. Some of the mothers died, some were remarried and abandoned their children, went looking for a new life.

Suddenly I remember the words of Akram. A 14 years old girl from a far and poor village, Akram has never seen her father, because just two months before her birth, father died of a stroke. When she was born, her mother remarried. Now she is married with Akram's uncle (her father’s brother).

Never seen her father, mother newly married; the new children will take her place and she will be forgotten? Her mother will abandon her and will go looking for a new life? Will she be on the list of children who in the meanwhile lost their father and don’t see their mother?

Akram is sitting in the back row of my seat on a bus that takes us to the city of Mashhad. Trip of "first meeting" for 1700 children supported by Bootorab charity is being held.  Akram is one of the children who go for the first time to visit Imam Reza’s holy shrine on September 2016.

She says her mother is married to her uncle, her uncle or better called her stepfather is a bus driver. Sometimes a business trip to Mashhad happens to him and he benefits from this opportunity and in every trip, he takes one of his children to Mashhad. This time was Akram’s turn to accompany her uncle to Mashhad in the future business trip. But waiting was too short and Bootorab charity makes a phone and let her know that such a trip is being held by charity and she has to be prepared to travel to Mashhad in the next few days. Now she is very happy.

Being fellow traveler together, she talked about many things such as her mother. She says: this year, I go to the eighth grade, it’s too soon to think about university but my mother has started to save money for me from now on. She does it because she doesn’t want that the financial difficulties prevent me from studying and starting university on time.

It’s about two years that I am supported by Bootorab charity; several times I have received some goods from charity. But before using them, my mother goes to market first and then makes an exact sum of the goods price. She gives its price to me in cash.

Last year when the charity brought me a bag with stationery for school, my mother gave me its money so I can choose and buy a new bag from the market that I like more. Whenever a relative or family member gives an amount of money as a gift, my mother put it in my bank account as a saving and does not spend even a cent of it.

It was so pleasant that She used the word “Daddy” while speaking about her uncle. Although her mother is illiterate, has so many financial problems in life, but the future of her daughter is her only aim and desire.

Akram is sitting in the back row of my seat on a bus that takes us to the city of Mashhad. Now I see her name in the list of children who has a big power and a permanent support in life called “Mother”.

Oct 17, 2016 15:41
PR. of Bootorab Charity |
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