The donation of a basket of goods to the Bootorab families increased twice a year

The donation of a basket of goods to the Bootorab families increased twice a year
By checking the problems of the families Bootorab, the donation of the basket of goods became two-step.

According to the public relations of Etrat Bootorab institution, on Thursday, a report meeting and review of internal affairs of Etrat Bootorab institution was held in the presence of Seyed Nasser Mohammad Seyed, Founder, three members of the Board of Trustees, CEO , managers of staff and representative office managers of Bootorab in 5 target provinces.

In this meeting, in order to prevent and take care of the spread of coronavirus and reduce the number of members present in the meeting, a report was presented and the performance of each unit was done at a certain time and separately.

About the taken action in the fields of cultural education, accommodation, employment, finance, support and public participation in provincial offices, as well as administrative problems in the provinces were among the items examined and the necessary decisions were made

In the first nine months of this year, Yadala Souri, Bootorab's deputy for public support and public participation, announced the participation of more than 80 billion supporters and donors in cash, non-cash and synergy. Investigating the problems of family insurance was also on the agenda of this unit.

According to Suri, according to the current economic conditions set this year, the donation of the basket of goods will increase to twice a year, and the first phase will be donated in cash. According to the agreement with Ofogh Kourosh store, a gift card worth 5 million Rials will be presented to families to buy food and groceries. The second stage will be given in March, according to the routine of previous years.

Dec 5, 2021 12:57
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