Daughters of solitude

Daughters of solitude

It's almost spring; the green plain infold an old blocky house like a misfit patch. In this small house a mother lives alone with her four daughters. I'm wondering if we could really call it home or that they live there, but something is so real here in all meanings: loneliness. These five ladies live lonely in this village after their father's death and the immigration of villagers to a fertile place. Lake of money they can't do anything and had to bear this much of hardness and loneliness.

We could see how much they are happy to see us. Girls recount us that they walk the kilometers each day to school and in hope of a bright future they study so hard so they could change the situation for themselves either for the children like them.



At the end of this short visit, I think about all the ways of change, help and charity, the ways that could gather us and end this loneliness.

This was a story to think, demands the helping hands for these lonely poor girls...



Nov 14, 2017 11:09
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