Awarding the top travel letters of supported children

Awarding the top travel letters of supported children
Awards of the "First Visit" were dedicated to three supported children of BCI.

TEHRAN, (BCI) - According to the Public Relations Department of BCI, the awards of writing travelogues were given to the three children of the BCI. The top travelogues were written by Akram from Dehdasht, Kohgiluyeh&Boyer-Ahmad Province, won an Bahar Azadi Gold Coin, Zahra's second from Kermanshah won a half- Azadi coin, and the third one Elham from Dishmok of Kohgiluyeh&Boyer-Ahmad province won a quarter- Azadi coin.

These three travelogues have been selected by important factors, including the principles and points of travel writing that were taught to them in an introduction to the travel logs, they were asked to express there feelings clearly and to write the observations and the memories.

The first and third prizes were awarded to their owners by the representative of the institute in Kohgiluyeh&Boyer-Ahmad province and the second prize was given to 2nd winner by the representative of the institute of BCI in Kermanshah province. The full text of the first travel letter and parts of 2nd and third one were published in the magazine "TIAM", the Nowruz edition of the Institute and distributed among the children of BCI as a cultural gift.

The expedition "first meeting" on September 95 aimed at strengthening the children under the support of Institute and also promote a culture of genuine communication. It was held in 5 groups for more than 1,700 children of BCI  who traveled to Mashhad for the first time.The first group included 300 boys from West Azerbaijan province, the second group included 280 girls over 18 years of Kohgiluyeh&Boyer-Ahmad, the third group consisted of 380 girls from the provinces of Ilam, Kermanshah and Kohgiluyeh, the fourth group consisted of 300 girls from West Azerbaijan And Chaharmahal&Bakhtiari provinces, the fifth group consisted of 380 boys from Kohgiluyeh&Boyerahmad, Ilam and Kermanshah provinces.

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