Volunteers department of BCI started officially

Volunteers department of BCI started officially
The volunteers department of BCI officially started its activities in West Azerbaijan province.

TEHRAN, (BCI) - According to the Public Relations Department of BCI, the volunteer department of the Institute started its official activities with the participation of a number of provincial authorities in the city of Khoy on Wednesday morning (March 8th).
At the meeting, which was held at the cinema "Inghilab" of Khoy city, a group of university professors, educators and retirees, teachers, coaches, Basijis, cultural members of IKRF and State Welfare Organization, young volunteers and provincial students.


By launching the "Ganj" project, which is the title of one of the activities and cultural services of BCI, all students - including graduated or dropout students, will receive the services free of charge. By attracting well-educated people and organizing them in a targeted group, the human resource limitations in the deprived provinces and cities where BCI children reside, will be overcome and the communication with children will be done easily and closely. Volunteers will be selected to collaborate with the BCI after registering and interviews to find out their capabilities.

Mr. Seyyed Naser Mohamad Seyyedi, founder of BCI, said that the project will start in Khoy city of West Azerbaijan and will be executed by the end of the year in the provinces of Kermanshah, Chaharmahal&Bkhtari, Ilam and Kohgiluye&BoyerAhmad at the executive.


Mr. Seyyedi added: "In the framework of this plan, all cultural and educational services are provided from low education to the higher education." In this plan, 650 creative and privileged educators will cover over seven thousand orphan children in five provinces. In addition to introducing the plan, he added: the activities of BCI, is a comprehensive monitoring on the performance of coaches, provincial headquarters and designers .

Trying to educate successful smart students at the top universities of the country, returning some back to school and identifying academic achievements are among the priorities of this plan, Mr. Ali Asghar Javanshir, CEO of the institute, said. According to him, the cultural and educational priorities include the following: reading Holy Qur'an and pray, promoting the concept of Ashura and Imam Hussein ,Mosque and Quran and communication with clergymen, library membership, providing free educational and artistic activities for the intellectual children in IIDCYA ...

Mr. Seyyed Razi Shakouri, Friday Prayer Imam in Khoy, also considered the plan as an opportunity to cover the needs and to reduce the poverty in the community.

A news conference was held with the participation of a number of journalists in which their questions were answered by the officials of BCI, including senior adviser, cultural and educational director, public relations manager at the end of the conference.

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