Dr. Mohsen Rezaei visits the charity of Bootorab

Dr. Mohsen Rezaei visits the charity of Bootorab
Dr. Mohsen Rezaei, head of Jihad Headquarters for the Empowerment visits BCI to expand their cooperation and use the capacity of the Etrat Bootorab Charity to create employment for the supported people .

TEHRAN, (BCI) - According to the Public Relations Department of Etrat Bootorab Charity, on Saturday (12th August), the charity of Etrat Bootorab hosted Dr. Mohsen Rezaie, head of Jihad Headquarters for the Empowerment of deprived. During the visit, Mr.Amir Hossein Rostami the Managing Director, Mr. Osati assistant of Charity Coordinator, Mr. Bahirai from Inspection Section and Mr. Dorani the Public Relations and Media manager accompanied the Staff.




A group of senior managers of the Etrat Bootorab Charity, including Founder Mr. Seyyed Naser Mohammad Seyyedi, Mr. Ali Asghar Javanshir CEO, Mr. Nabiullah Eshghi Sani Senior Adviser, Mr. Yadollah Soori assistant manager, Mr. Alireza Fathiyan Cultural-Educational manager, Mr. Heydar Shivand responsible of the Employment and Empowerment Committee, Mr. Abbas Peyda responsible of Education section and Mr. Mehdi Safai, Public Relations Manager attended the meeting.

Dr. Rezaei emphasized on the use of capabilities of Etrat Bootorab Charity and the implementation of joint projects by training the deprived and increasing the necessary standards. He reminded that Poverty Reduction does not solve our problem; empowerment must eradicate the root of poverty; and we continue to start education for decreasing privilege, the higher the standards go, the better results we have.

Mr. Seyyed Naser Mohammad Seyyedi, founder of the charity of the Etrat Bootorab, presented a report to Dr. Rezaei and the accompanying staff in this meeting.



He said that the employment for supported people is one of the main priorities of the services and charitable activities of Etrat Bootorab Charity. He added the first sewing workshop and production center of Etrat Bootorab Charity inaugurated in January 20th with a total area of 1350 square meters in the city of Khoy (located in West Azerbaijan) aiming creating sustainable employment for women and mothers supported by the Institute. A number of provincial and national officials, including Ali Rabiee Minister of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare, Dr. Mohammad Omid Deputy Director of Employment and Self-Assistance of IKRF, Qurban Ali Sa'adat Governor of West Azerbaijan, and Hujjat al-Islam Seyyed Razi Shakouri Friday prayer Imam in Khoy city participated in the opening ceremony.

By supporting domestic production, this center provides a platform for female participation, and now more than 100 mothers of the orphan families are working at the center. Also, similar programs will fit into the geographic and regional location of cities in each of the 5 provinces supported by the Institute for empowerment and self-sufficiency of people.

At the end of the session, Dr. Rezaei visited various sections of charity and the responsible of each section presented a report on the process of their activities.


Aug 13, 2017 14:23
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