Three sports pioneers join Bootorab Charity's Kindness messengers

Three sports pioneers join Bootorab Charity's Kindness messengers
Three sports pioneers join Etrat Bootorab Charity Institute as the messengers to spread the kindness.

TEHRAN, (BCI) - According to the Public Relations Department of the BCI, this Institute was hosted by a group of sports pioneers and benevolent activists yesterday.

The special guests of the Weekly Participants Committee of the Institute were Mr.Mohammad Reza Taleghani, former head of the wrestling federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the head of the Federation of Antarctic, Mr. Reza Rezvan, Director of Public Relations of Iran's protagonist Association Mr. Amir Hashemi, representing the head of the Basketball Federation and the former head of the Bicycle Federation, were at the meeting.


Mr. Mohammad Ali Hadi Najafabadi, member of the Board of Directors of the Etrat Bootorab Institute, introduced the institution and its extensive activities, and stated that the Institute supports 7,000 orphans in the 5 deprived provinces of the country, and in 7 areas of employment and empowerment, cultural, educational, housing, treatment, and marriage to provide various services currently

Then Mr. Rezvan, Director of Public Relations of Iran's protagonist Association and Ambassador, emphasizing the importance of preserving the self-esteem orphans, stated that the provision of any service to orphans should have no difference among the students. He also added that all the students who need dialysis should be sent to the health care centers for free. Mr. Rezvan expressed his hope that continuing this relationship could play a significant role in attracting popular contributions and will attract the attention to these orphans.

Mr. Mohammad Reza Taleghani joined the Institute in the campaign named "I Am Amo Norooz" last year. The campaign was launched by charity to collect contributions at the first of Eid Nowrooz 96 with the aim of informing and publicly calling for more attention toward orphans. Taleghani defines one of his memories when he was purchasing New Year's clothes. This memory is about the first time he acquainted with the concept of orphans and deprived children of having a father. 

Referring to his humanitarian activities, the former head of the Islamic Republic's wrestling federation expressed his readiness to continue working with the Institute in attracting popular contributions and raising public awareness about the orphans.

He said that by entering the institution and observing and communicating with those who devoted their lives to protecting orphans, it is undoubtedly a good attempt to promote the level of life of the children under the supervision of the Institute.

Mr. Amir Hashemi, who has been cooperating with for some time, has sponsored three of children, and has contributed to the purchase of several packages of stationery for orphans.



Aug 9, 2017 11:28
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