Ghalamchi Foundation, biggest educational supporter of Bootorab charity

Ghalamchi Foundation, biggest educational supporter of Bootorab charity
The Etrat Bootorab charity institute with 861 scholarship students at the Ghalamchi Scientific-Educational Foundation is the first to use the Foundation's services among nongovernmental organizations.

TEHRAN, (BCI) - According to the Public Relations Department of BCI, In the current academic year, 861 students covered by the charity of Etrat Bootorab, are prone to be scholarships in Ghalamchi Scientific-Educational Foundation.

The co-operation between the Etrat Bouterab Foundation and the Ghalamchi Foundation has been launched since 94, along with the tenth anniversary of the endowment of the Ghalamchi Foundation, and the children of this institution have benefited for three consecutive years from their services.

In the course of the current year, 720 students of second-grade secondary school students and 141 students of the second elementary school in 5 provinces have been introduced to the Ghalamchi Foundation by the charity of Etrat-Bootorab, in order to get free education services. Students supported by Charity can apply without paying tuition in target Ghalamchi companies in the target cities and after registering, every 15 days they participate in the tests and receive a level of education and training at provincial and national levels, and receive books about 10-12 volumes annually.

It should be noted that in the academic year of 95-96, 389 students of Etrat Bootorab charity enrolled and participated in Ghalamchi tests. Last year, 32 series of educational books including 378 volumes of books from the Ghalamchi Scientific-Educational Foundation, aimed at raising the educational level of children living at Relief Foundation (IKRF) dormitories in the country's deprived areas, as well as preparation of students for the examination test, were provided to the Institute of Bootorab.

It is worth mentioning that thanks to the followings of the education department of Charity Bootorab and also the cooperation of Ghalamchi Foundation, the charity of Etrat Bootorab with 861 scholarship students after the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee and the Welfare Organization of the country is in third place to enjoy the services of the Cultural Center of Ghalamchi. The Mahak Foundation, the Children's Foundation and the Alborz Cultural Foundation with 90, 70 and 30 students are ranked respectively. In other words, among non-governmental organizations, the charity of Etrat Bootorab is the first charity to use the services of the Ghalamchi.

All students enrolled by the Bootorab Institute have an average degree of more than 17, which is a prerequisite for the initial acceptance by the Ghalamchi. Lack of financial support, the presence of the mother as head of household and having a high motivation to study is other qualifications of admission of the first type scholarship.

Also, students, especially rural students, can have type 2 scholarship services if they get higher than 5500 level in Ghalamchi tests. This foundation pays each child 500,000 Rials for a level between 5,500 and 6,000, 700,000 Rials for the level between 6,000 and 100,000 Rials for levels over 7,000.

The construction of the library and school are other services of the Ghalamchi Foundation. The Foundation has succeeded in building 156 libraries and schools and 49 others are in operation.

According to the contract that the foundation made with the University of Tehran for 5 years and worth 50 billion Rials, 500 of the scholarships that have been admitted to Tehran University and the average grade of their first year of study is above 17,  will receive a monthly amount of 2 million rials from this Foundation.

According to another contract, the monthly amount of two million rials for 10 months has been allocated to 104 top students of Khaje Nasir Al-Din Tusi University of Technology.

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