About Us

Etrat Bootorab Charity is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. To ease the hardship and struggle in communities, our focus is to support orphan children, families in need, prospective students and also victims of disease.


This philanthropic organization provides housing, educational and cultural centers, training workshops for the unemployed, healthcare and treatment, support for marriage ceremonies and continuous financial support throughout the year.
Now, this NGO support around 7000 children and their families at 5 poor and deprived provinces of Iran. Our goal is to equip people in need with the necessary skills and knowledge to become active members in society.


Bootorab charity is active in the provinces:

1. West Azerbaijan
2. Ilam
3. Kermanshah
4. Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari
5. Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad


The Goals we pursue:

1. Recognizing the essential needs of orphans and fulfilling them all
2. Recognizing the obstacles of educational progress and fulfilling them all
3. Propagation of philanthropy and humanitarianism


Fields of activity

1. Living

2. Educational

3. Empowerment and Employment

4. Cultural

5. Housing

6. HealthCare and Treatment

7. Fund Raising

8. Marriage

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