The institution considers the following as policy:


Planning for children up to the highest educational levels and special support for talented and smart children in cultural, educational, sport, artistic subjects.

• Strengthening the religious beliefs, developing the culture, teaching the Holy Qur'an and performing religious practices and duties for the children.

• Respecting self-esteem and dignity of children and their families in all kind of communications and activities.

• Paying Attention to the expectations, interests, talents and empowerment of children and their participation in the planning, decision making and implementation stages of the activities.

• Saving on administrative costs and providing services appropriate with needs and requirements as a headpiece of the organization's programs and activities.

• Fundraising and attracting support of patrons for each of the children covered by the institution and welcoming supporters who can support several children.

• Educating life skills and social communication for children and also implementation of educational, sports, campus and leisure activities.

• Providing livelihood and essential needs of children and their families.